California Conservatives flee California and move to America (Texas) creating a political action committee not to give to candidates, but instead, to create advertising bringing awareness to the dangers of voting for what they fled.

My wife and I were born and raised in California. When we were younger, it was an amazing state with great jobs, low crime, solid schools, plentiful houses, and so much more - but that's because it was largely then a Republican lead state - the same state that brought us Ronald Reagan who previously served as the Governor of California before becoming President.

In the last decade,there has been a dramatic shift to the left. Today, all statewide offices are held by liberals, who also have super-majorities in the State Assembly and State Senate. Both US senators are democrats, including 45 of the state's 51 congressional members.

Democrats in California destroyed a once great America state. Today, homelessness and crime are out of control. It's a sanctuary-state with high crime, poor schools, out of control gas prices and taxes with regulations that make housing incredibly expensive. The democrats are essentially killing the state's middle class and small businesses. In fact, today California largely has just two classes of people - the leftist coastal liberal elites who live in their mansions and gated communities, and then you have the working inland poor that make up the rest of the state.

Our family had enough and in 2017 we moved to Texas. The best decision of our lives. Once we moved to Texas, we realized that so many made the exact same journey for the same reasons as us. We joined forces with other former Californians, including military veterans, retired police officers and teachers, small business owners, soccer moms - basically, just your average Americans, and launched Keep Texas Red Political Action Committee.

The Chabot Family in Texas 2020